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Arrack is a delicious and complex addition to cocktails", explains Jim Kearns of the New York Slowly Shirley cocktail bars. "Its funky, earthy characteristics add depth, and a layered quality to drinks."

Jakarta Daiquiri


4 cl Batavia Arrack
1.5 cl White rum
0.5 cl Marischino liqueur
0.2 cl Peychaud’s bitters
2 cl Sugar syrup
2.5 cl Lime juice
10 g Frozen cherries
200 g Ice cubes

Pour 2.5 cl of lime juice, 2 cl of sugar syrup, 0.5 cl of marischino liqueur, 1.5 cl of white rum and 4 cl of Batavia Arrack into a shaker.
• Add 2 drops of peychaud’s bitters.
• Fill the shaker with ice cubes and strike it.
• Pour through a strainer into a chilled glass.
• Garnish with 2 frozen cherries on a cocktail stick.

Arrack Attack


5 cl NAGA Java Reserve
2 cl Artichoke liqueur
5 cl Canton ginger liqueur
½ Lemon juice
1 drop Angostura Bitters
1 pinch of salt
Zest of 1 lime

Pour the Naga, artichoke liqueur, ginger liqueur, lemon juice and salt into a shaker.
• Add ice cubes and then shake.
• Pour into a cocktail glass and add Angostura bitters and lime zest.

Crusta Remix


Source: The Bartender’s Guide "How To Mix Drinks"
Juice of 6 lemons
Zest of 2 lemons
500 g brown sugar
1 pineapple, peeled, sliced and crushed
6 cloves
20 coriander seeds
1 piece of cinnamon stick
1 pint brandy
1 pint NAGA Java Reserve
1 cup strong green tea
¼ litre boiling water

• Boiling water should be added last.
• Let the ingredients steep for at least six hours.
• Then add a litre of hot milk and the lemon juice
• Mix and strain.
This punch should be served chilled.